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Robert Pino is a veteran Computer Science educator, having spent 8 years working with homeless and at-risk high school students, both in the classroom and as a department director.


He is an independent software developer. He has designed and developed multiple web applications, games, and self-contained user experiences.

In his free time, he paints, writes, and directs short films.





OregoN State



Bachelor of science






Master of Science

Global Technology

and development


ST. JOHN'S University
Master of Science in Education
7th to 12th grade English
language arts

Washington University in St. Louis

Bachelor of Arts


 PROGRAMMING Experience 


Work Experience



 Broome street academy CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL

july 2017 - July 2022 

Director OF Career and

Technical Education

July 2017 - July 2022

  • Led a team of three staff members to develop a four-year strategic plan for the Computer Science department

    • Determined hiring needs

    • Defined budget and allocated funding

    • Assigned key performance indicators and curriculum goals

  • Wrote and submitted proposals to state and corporate Computer Science organizations to establish partnerships including Microsoft TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) and CS4ALL

  • Led professional development presentations for staff on the use of a variety of educational technology tools

  • Organized and led a COVID-19 responsive remote-only curriculum for AP Computer Science Principles


Data Systems Administrator

July 2017 - July 2022

  • Designed, programmed, and maintained three data systems central to the function of the school

    • School-wide system to record and track anecdotal data necessary to understanding student behavior

    • Social-work system to record interactions between students, social work team, and outside groups

    • School-wide security system to request immediate administrative intervention in unfolding incidents

  • Maintained the daily function of a Google for Education Suite with over 300 individual users and accounts

Computer Science Educator

July 2012 - July 2022

  • Founded and managed the Computer Science Department at Broome Street Academy

  • Designed and executed curriculum for six distinct courses centered on post-secondary Computer Science skills

  • Conducted weekly meetings with math, science, and social studies department chairs to establish school technological needs and determine needed deliverables.

  • Implemented a Google for Education Suite with over 300 individual users and accounts

  • Featured on the Today Show (2016) to represent Broome Street Academy’s use of emerging Google Expeditions classroom technology (July 3, 2016)

Teaching Experience

 Teaching experience 


Students develop introductory computer skills that will be necessary for the rest of their secondary and post-secondary lives.

  • Using advanced-level cross-platform text editing tools

  • Introductory level web design

  • Introductory level graphic design


Students work with college-level computer science material, honing existing computer science skills to a post-secondary degree

  • Analyzing the structure of information and data structures by hand and in web apps

  • Developing complex algorithms by hand and in Python

Introduction to Computer Science

Students developed and implemented programming-oriented thinking and the broad-scale concepts necessary for a successful post-secondary Computer Science career.

  • Using Snap to introduce basic programming skills

  • Using Python to further develop programming skills in an industry-recognized programming language

Philosophy of Technology

Students prepared themselves for leadership roles in emerging technology fields by critically analyzing the philosophical and social questions of developing technologies.

  • ​Self-driving vehicles and the reshaping economic landscape

  • 3D printing, copyright, and ownership of production

  • Liability and fault for injuries in an autonomous world

  • Memes as cultural discussions and arguments

  • The dangers and benefits of artificial intelligence

  • Social changes in a post-space colonization world

  • ​Technology and the rise of early civilizations

Principles of Information Technology

Students prepared for post-secondary careers in information technology by exploring the central components of IT networks.

  • Defined the role of IT networks in various career fields

  • Classified the discrete hardware components of an IT network

  • Mapped the flow of information across the internet between various locations

  • Implemented knowledge to design an IT network as a final project

Research and argument

Students defined and implemented advanced argumentation skills and rhetorical devices.

  • Researched and reenacted historical and legal debates

  • Participated in spoken arguments on current social issues

  • Defended important issues in written and spoken form


Students reinforced and utilized core cross-curricular and post-secondary technology skills.

  • Touch typing

  • Email etiquette

  • Creating and maintaining a personal online "brand"

  • ​Website design

  • Maintaining an online identity

  • General internet safety

Students analyzed the cyclical relationship between technological advancement, economics, and cultural attitudes towards gaming and entertainment. ​

  • Examined the systematization of negative cultural norms and racism through the structure and stories of modern video games

  • Mapped evolving cultural views of gaming against shifting economic trends of the 70s, 80s, and 90s 

  • Designed new game mechanics based on the discrete mechanics in popular games

Wokshops Led

 Workshops led 

  • Innovation Throwdown  -  New Visions

  • Necessary Modernization  -  Broome Street Academy

  • Implementing Team Drive Into Your Work  -  Broome Street Academy

  • Google Classroom, Your Classroom  -  Broome Street Academy

  • Connecting to Students & Parents with Gmail  -  Broome Street Academy

  • Innovation Throwdown  -  New Visions

  • Without EdTech We Fail Our Students  -  Broome Street Academy

  • Technology and Your Classroom  -  PS 18 Park Terrace

  • Advanced Google Classroom  -  Google & NYC DOE

  • Beginner Google Classroom Practices  -  Google & NYC DOE

  • Completing Your Certification Panel  -  Google & NYC DOE

  • Technology and Your Classroom  -  Broome Street Academy

  • Meet the Google Toolset  -  Broome Street Academy




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